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Many people, especially people who have children or people to care for, don’t deem self care every day as important. However, self care for moms especially is something that absolutely everybody should be concerned with. Not only does it restore our energy and allow is to give the best version of ourselves to the people we love, it means avoiding illness, injury, and living a better quality of life. But it also allows us to take care of our families better.


It’s not selfish to care for yourself. If anything, it’s selfish not to. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and if you’re not looking after yourself, you might not be around in the future when it really counts. Take a moment to consider what self care every day means for you. How have you practiced self care over the last few weeks, or even the last few days? Do you have a self care routine? 

Here are 3 of the most important ways to practice self care every day.


3 important ways to practice self care every day plus free printable self care starter kit


Take A Break


Maybe you’re running around after your kids, an elderly parent, at work, or somewhere else. Maybe you have numerous things going on. Whatever your deal is, know this: the busier you are, the more important it is to take a break. Taking breaks is not counterproductive. You’ll recharge your energy stores and simply feel better, putting you in a better mood and allowing you to give the best of yourself whatever you may be doing. Breaks can help your memory retention, mood, and stress levels. Planning them throughout the day is crucial!

Maybe try some breath-work, or meditation. Believe it or not, these things can actually give you an energy boost as well!

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Ask For Help If You Need It


It’s normal to feel too proud to ask for help, but in reality, struggling alone doesn’t win any awards. If you need help, ask for it, and don’t be afraid or ashamed.

Maybe you need less on your plate at work, or you could do with a helping hand from your partner or a family member with your kids. Perhaps you even need help from personal injury lawyers because you have had an accident and you aren’t sure what to do next. You can’t do everything alone, so don’t try to. Get the helping hand you need.


Do Things You Enjoy More Often


If you enjoy taking hot baths and putting on face masks, set time aside to do those me time self care things. If you like reading, make sure you plan it into your day. Do the things you enjoy more often, and really savour them. Here are more suggestions for your self care every day that can benefit you in numerous ways:

  • Take time cooking whole, healthy meals from scratch and don’t rush when eating them.
  • Take a nap. Anywhere from 15-45 minutes could help you to get more done than working straight through – science has proven it!
  • Do a little yoga or get moving in another way you enjoy.
  • Just sit and be still. Meditate with an app or a video if you like.
  • Arrange a coffee date with a friend or have lunch.
  • Take a class, or pick a hobby up again that you have let slide.
  • Practice daily self care affirmations. It’s truly shocking how effective these can be on your mind-set.
  • And last but not least, create a morning routine that nourishes you and your mind right from the start every day!
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You matter, so start acting like it!


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