The 3 Primary Emergency Numbers to Have in Your Household Binder

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The 3 primary emergency numbers to have on have in your household binder in the event of disaster or an emergency.

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When disaster strikes, it is important that you know primary emergency numbers of who you can turn to for help. Though you might have a good idea of what you should do to start sorting things out, the trauma of a disaster can often lead you to make poor decisions or get pressured into the wrong choices.

Having someone you can trust on your side is always the best way to approach any situation and whether you need to go to court to battle for your rights or just need a place to stay the night in safety, there are some people who will always be there for you.

But also, it’s really important to have these primary numbers on hand and in your household binder to easily access.


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Yes, they sound expensive and just the word ‘lawyer’ can put some people off. However, a lawyer is a vital of emergency numbers to have, and is always going to be the best person to represent you in court, no matter what the issue is. They can also offer your advice and legal counsel, even before you get to a situation where you have to go before a judge.

For example, insurance companies sometimes try to withhold monies from claimants, even when you are making a legitimate claim. An insurance claims attorney would be able to make a representation on your behalf to get the money for you, without putting you under any more pressure to sort the situation out yourself.  

911 – Police, Fire and Ambulance


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Again, they might seem a bit scary but the police are there to keep the peace and to help you when you are most in need. If your security system is going off, they are the people to call if your home is burgled, if you feel threatened or if you need to report someone who is breaking the law. You also have a duty of care to call the fire department if a fire starts in your home. You might be able to put out a chip pan fire yourself. But they will be able to clear the smoke and ensure that there is no ongoing risk.


911 should also be used in a medical emergency to get an ambulance to you quickly. However, you should know when it is not appropriate to call as well as when it is. The best rule is this: If you think a condition is life-threatening such as severe chest pain, a stroke or a serious accident, you should call. Your regular doctor will be able to treat anything else.


Though you shouldn’t take calling 911 lightly, you shouldn’t put it off if you need help as soon as possible. So keep other law enforcement numbers on hand as well, like the Sheriff’s office.

Your Friends and Family


Make sure that you have contact details for your closest friend or family member in your phone under ICE (in case of emergency) so that if you are incapacitated, whoever is with you knows who to call.  Also make sure these primary emergency numbers are in your home binder.


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Your friends and family may not be professionals when it comes to disasters. But they are the best people to talk through your decision-making process and to comfort you after an incident. A strong network of friends and family you can rely on isn’t just nice, it’s essential.


Do you have any other primary emergency numbers on hand? Let me know in the comments below!



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