Out With the Old, In With the New

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4 Easy steps to purge and declutter before the holiday influx of gifts takes over your home.

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It’s the holiday season and Christmas and the New year are upon us. Your house will soon be full of new toys, games, books, food, drink, toiletries and gadgets to name a few. So now is the perfect time for a clear out; It’s time to get ready for the new year and for a fresh start.

Clearing out clutter not only creates space in your home but it helps to clear your mind too. So what are you waiting for? Before Santa comes down your chimney, get ahead and get sorting out what’s junk and what’s for keeps.


purge and declutter to make room for holiday gifts


Step 1: Get Prepared


The first thing to do before you start chucking things is to make a list. Which rooms in the house do you need to declutter most? This is the best way to get more organized and not overwhelm yourself with thinking there’s so much to do. Take it one step at a time.

Two things to note before you start as well are that self-storage is a really good solution for freeing up space. You’ll know it’s safe, you’ll feel at ease, and those items aren’t just sitting around gathering dust.

For the things you’re ready to part with completely, then skip bin hire is also a very viable option, and you can get rid of loads of large items in one go such as old furniture and old toys.


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Step 2: The closets


One of the first places to start would be your wardrobe; this is the one people usually dislike the most and put off doing however if you stick some good music on and have a ruthless attitude then you’re more likely to succeed.

An overflowing wardrobe is no good for anyone, you forget what’s in it, and although it’s packed with clothes, you can never find anything to wear. Sever the emotional ties with your old t-shirts, the shoes you can’t walk in and all the things that don’t fit.

Organize your clothes into a keep pile; a donate pile and a throwaway pile. Your keep pile should only be things you like, you still want to wear, and they need to fit you properly, right now.

Your donate pile can be given to charity, check the clothes are in good condition, clean, and can be worn without and mending required, then give them away to a happy new life with someone else.

Then if you have some things that are in your keep pile but you don’t need until next season, store them in vacuum bags which don’t take up much room and will make sure they won’t get damaged.

Get rid of everything that doesn’t’ suit you or doesn’t fit, and isn’t in a good enough condition for anyone else to enjoy.

Use the following the questions to determine what to do with each item?

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Does it suit your current style?
  3. Have you worn it in the last 6-12 months?
  4. Will you wear it in the next 6-12 months?
  5. Is it in good condition? If not, can you and will you get it fixed in the near future?
  6. If you didn’t already own it, would you buy it now?
  7. Do you feel good about yourself when you wear it?
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If you answer any of these questions with a firm no, it’s time to say goodbye.

However, if there is something you really can’t get rid of because of its sentimental value, but you also can’t wear it then think outside the box, could it be a cushion cover? Could you frame it? If it deserves to be seen, then let it be seen.


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Step 3: The Kitchen + Beyond


You then need to approach your kitchen and the other rooms in your house in a similar vein. Perhaps you could use a “one in, one out” system? Whether it’s chutneys from a Christmas hamper or new gadgets, you need to have a look at the increasing lack of space in your kitchen.

If you’ve got something new recently can you just replace it with something that you don’t use? Or that’s seen better days?

It’s very easy to fall in bad habits and not just your kitchen, but your house can become entirely cluttered. It’s far easier to put something down than put something away – but keep doing that, and the clutter continues to build up.

Take the same approach to your kitchen as you do to your wardrobe: if you haven’t worn something for a whole year, you probably won’t start now, so give it away to charity.

We often think we need the new blender, spiralizer, or breadmaker. It will change our lives and make cooking and dinners so much healthier and better. However, most of these gadgets end up collecting dust at the back of the cupboard, unused. You have to be as ruthless as possible. If it’s not seen any action over the course of the last twelve months, then out it goes.

Keep one drawer for clutter – it’ll make you feel better. Pick one drawer to be your designated area where you throw clutter in as you need to.

Decluttering will help you feel ready for the new year. It’s a great way to see what you’ve got, what you’ve forgotten about and could be using. Or maybe you know someone who would make use of something that you don’t. It’s so easy to hoard things as you just never know when you might need them. But if you remember this is to make room for the new, it’ll be a lot easier.


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Step 4: Deep Clean


After you purge and declutter you can have a good deep clean. You’ll feel like you have a whole new luxurious space, and it might just make you think twice about what you’re buying and keeping in 2019 so you don’t have to do it all again!

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If your closets and kids' rooms are like mine, they're chock full when it gets time for the holidays to roll around. Get prepped with these steps and tips to get your home purged and decluttered before the holiday influx of gifts! #christmas #homeorganization #organized

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