Get Spectacularly Spooked + Fed By Your Kids With the Raddish Halloween Box!

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My 5 year old noise-box smacks the orange vanilla icing and sprinkles off her fingers while the 11 YO takes the next sheet of piping hot cookies of the the 325 degree oven. Fresh shortbread fills the kitchen as our substitute for Chocolate Creature Halloween Cookies. But only because the 9 YO has a small chocolate allergy. How did I get these little monsters to make their own cookies? Uhh, only the best idea in LIFE SKILLS U ever! (You know, besides Etiquette School.)


halloween cookies on cookie sheet


Honestly I love my kids learning to cook–but when it can be combined with healthy eating AND Halloween? Trifecta, baby! So Raddish has continued to excite the squiddly outta my 9, 11, and 5 YO’s. Especially with the Halloween box this month!


get your kids to love learning to cook


If you’re not familiar, Raddish is a monthly subscription box that comes with recipes, a tool for cooking, a patch for each month’s theme, and really a ton of other stuff. My kids are so dang excited when this comes in the mail! And October’s box? Halloween! (duh.)


raddish kids cooking box halloween


So obviously I love that these boxes are so fun for the kids–but what I really love is that Raddish has taken a real life skill that I believe every kid should learn, and made it interesting before throwing the ‘boring lessons’ at them. Kids first see the fun stuff they can make, the cool tools and patch that come in the mail once a month, and generally a giant mess they have full permission to make while learning how to feed themselves as fully grown humans.

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raddish halloween box recipe cards


The three recipes included in the Halloween box are ‘eye-popping tomato soup‘ (which we plan to make in the upcoming weeks before Halloween), chocolate creature cookies (featured in this post as a variation), and creepy crawler spider sliders (which clearly are just sliders and fries, but look how adorbs they are all assembled with olives for the eyeeeeesssss!!)



Another thing I luv, luv, LUV is that they make it super easy to shop by giving a separate shopping list for each recipe. But also–each box comes with these sweet little ‘table talk’ cards to have some dinner conversations that the kids can moderate. The 9 YO especially likes this since her apparent life ambition is to be a dictator of whatever she wants.


raddish halloween box cookie cutters bat and cat


But the cards also include culinary and kitchen skills in cute little emoji circles that they can check off as they complete them.



There are also a TON of other resources on the site, like lesson plans for all different age groups. This helps your kiddos learn about the actual cultures of the themed country’s food you’re cooking for the month–which the kids find totally fascinating. Especially when it includes weird rituals. Or fancy hats.



And even though these bats and cats may not be recognizable, I can promise you the sweet shortbread, crunchy sugary sprinkles, and happy kiddos make the hard work and messy kitchen totally worth it!

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>>>Ready to try it out?? Head on over and enter code SJVR7X at checkout to get $10 off!<<<


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