8 Blissful Ideas You Need to Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

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It’s pretty clear that most moms don’t take enough time for themselves. I’ve found that we typically aren’t prioritizing self-care because we either feel guilty or think we don’t have the time. Taking just a few minutes for a relaxing bedtime routine, however, can be a real game-changer for moms, and help us handle some of the emotional burdens we’re given.

I’ve tried to set a routine for myself every night before bed to maintain some me-time and better prepare myself for the adventures of the next day. Here’s my own relaxing bedtime routine that I share in hopes of inspiring you to do the same for yourself!


Ideas and tips how to create a relaxing bedtime routine


  1. Cut Out Blue Lights


The effects of blue lights are profound on us at nighttime. They disrupt our melatonin levels that help us fall asleep which throws our body’s internal clock out of sync.

To combat this, I always try to dim the lights right after dinner to help our kids (and us!) get ready for sleep. The kids go to bed around 8 pm on school nights, and often need all the help they can get to wind down.


  1. Shower


I try to take a hot shower every night as part of my relaxing bedtime routine. It helps me feel refreshed and clean when I finally crawl under my sheets. The hot water also helps me de-stress. And I often find myself lingering under the shower head for a few extra minutes just so I can enjoy the steamy warmth for a little longer.

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  1. Take Vitamins


After the shower, I take some supplements including magnesium and valerian root. These help me feel balanced and maintain my health without too much time commitment.

If it’s been a rough day, I’ll also take melatonin because it seems to get me to sleep better than other supplements.


  1. Use a Skincare Routine


My skincare routine is weekly, not daily, to help meet my needs without requiring too much time. I know how important treating myself every once in a while can be. So one night a week I do a face mask and read while I’m waiting on it to dry.

Some nights, I do a lip treatment (to fend off chapped lips). On other nights, I do a hair mask with the intent of a quick shower in the morning to wash it all out.


  1. Journal


After a long day, I look forward to sitting down to collect my thoughts. I have a journal that I frequently use to list out all the things I’m grateful for, and the things I’m looking forward to in the coming days.

I keep myself from going into too much detail and overthinking by making a to-do list, right there in the journal.

Ending it on a soothing affirmation about relaxation and rest helps to further quiet my thoughts.


  1. Read


Afterward, I continue to unwind my mind by reading in bed for a bit. I’ve found, though, that it has to be something funny or light. Otherwise I’ll be up trying to work out the mystery of the book I’m reading!

If it happens to be on my iPad or phone, I’ll wear a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. This helps keep that melatonin disruption at bay.

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  1. Set a bedroom environment


A relaxing atmosphere is essential in getting restful sleep. I think smells are really important to help us settle down. So I have a cold-diffuser that I put essential oils in. I alternate between lavender, vetiver, frankincense, and sandalwood oils. Eucalyptus, camphor, or tea tree are great options if I’m sick. They’re really great at keeping my sinuses open while I sleep.

I also like to keep the bedroom cozy with soft pillows and lots of blankets to make it feel intimate and comfortable.


  1. End your relaxing bedtime routine by reflecting


And lastly, the hubby and I try to face each other in bed once the lights are out. We talk about the positives of our days. We like to end on a high note. And taking that time to connect is important because we’re both so busy.


These are my own personal steps to a relaxing night. But I encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you. Although it can be hard as a busy mom, the key to a good night’s sleep is the preparation you put in to relax before bedtime. As long as you’re taking a few minutes every night just for yourself with a relaxing bedtime routine, you should see your sleep improve!

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