Ready to shake off 2020 and create a life you absolutely adore living--but know the

same ole' same ole' goal setting has never cut it?

(And why would it now?: 2020 knocked us all down a rung or twelve!)

Regular ole' goal setting is so basic--let's kick it into hyper-drive

by doing purposeful life design instead!

the ROPE METHOD is a 4-step process to help you shake the dust and stink off 2020

and beyond while creating an actionable AF roadmap with

no excuses for sitting in neutral ever again in your life.

Ditch the basic goal setting template.

Show 2021 what you're made of with the ROPE METHOD!


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I'm sharing the ninja mindset methods from my experience in my own

life and lessons and from psychology experts.... 

By having an amazing present, and even better future, by starting with the past....

Which allowed me to build a life I'd yearned for right outta college, but could never quite stay on track to make happen... until I created it myself through very specific life desing.

This method is essentially a lifetime in the making...

But it'll only take you a few days to create your own life design plan. 😍

And after helping hundreds of women feeling adrift in their lives and stuck in the past,

I want to welcome you, too!

Ready for mind-blowing clarity, busting through emotional barriers,

 and a beautifully laid out and totally unique-to-you life blueprint?

(Duh, OF COURSE you are!)

Design a life you absolutely adore with the ROPE METHOD today!

So...why the ROPE METHOD instead of my regular annual goal planning session?

And what even is the ROPE METHOD?

Hi, I'm Laura!

I'm a mom, business owner, and serial planning addict, and I've helped hundreds of other women take a deep dive into regular ole' goal planning so that they can work through the ish that's accumulated from their past, and finally have the tools and motivation to make their dream life unfold before their eyes.

The idea for the ROPE METHOD came to me in the form of a question I asked myself at one of my personal goal setting sessions...

With so much up in the air, and the monumental changes of the world (especially since 2020), I know so many people are struggling, whether it's from an acceleration in their anxiety levels, past baggage affecting their current ability to think clearly...or because they're filled with frustration and disappointment like there's no point trying to plan anything at this point.

And let's be honest: Writing down goals on paper seems crazy inspirational after this sh!t-show of a year, but the habits and fears of the past never went anywhere. In fact, they're probably amplified right now.

So, I asked myself two questions:

"How can I help other women work through their past fears and baggage and how can I help them reprogram their habits to slay their goals.... say in a few days rather than spending months or years with a life coach... especially right now when so many people need it the most?"

...I didn't ask "How can I get them into therapy for their mental blocks." That can take years.

...I didn't ask "How can I help them write down better goals they should have the motivation to do?" That's been proven ineffective.


I asked "How can I help crazy busy women who are feeling totally adrift, drowning in a sea of uncertainty and imbalance in their lives who have done annual goal setting in the past only to get hung up on fears and bad habits and ultimately give up on those goals?"

I brainstormed about it then came back to what I know and have been using for YEARS...

A strategy to work through the past baggage of life, whether fears, insecurities, or a set of terrible habits that seemingly can't be reset so that you can break through the disappointment and frustration and create goals that will create a life you love to live.

REALLY love.

Like,  make you wanna sing to animals when you wake first thing in the morning ADORE.

The strategy I teach in the ROPE METHOD is the same one I've used to earn my master's degree when I had zero extra time.

It's the same method I used to pay off our vehicles in not 4 years, but in 12 months.

And it's the same method I used to cultivate an amazing relationship with my kids and in my marriage, and to create the two businesses I own and run.

(Which paved the way to the life I'm slap-mad crazy in love with waking up to every day.)

It's the same strategy high-level business owners use every single day to generate the business and income that gives them freedom to live a life on their own terms, with complete contentment in all twelve categories of their life.

And now, I want to teach it to YOU.

"Ok, but... what is  the ROPE METHOD?"

ROPE is an acronym, which stands for:


There's little point in trying to create a life plan if you don't know where you've been. Sure we can set our past on fire, but learning from the bad + good only helps us. These are our life lessons, and help us understand which direction we want to go in addition to our big WHY.


Making sense of all the past + present helps us see where we've wasted time and effort in the past. It also helps us see where we need to cut the fat, cut our losses, or pivot to finally see real change in areas we've felt desperation and disappointment in for years.


Planning a goal ladder is just a tiny part of designing a life you love to live. But it's important-- it gives you a visual framework and steps to get there. This is where the seemingly 'out there' intentions you have come together with the tools to make it happen.


All the planning in the world doesn't matter if you don't intend to pull anchor and set sail! Action is one of the biggest reasons people don't accomplish their goals. So whether it's from fear, obstacles that keep cropping up, or feeling defeated, learning to properly execute is everything!

So, what's in it for you?

The ROPE METHOD works for anybody who's ready to skyrocket their success

in every category of life--whether they've tried goal setting before or not:

If you're tired of the same ole' goal setting templates that collect dust

instead of inspire you through the year, the ROPE METHOD is for you.

If you're ready to take the reins in 2021 because 2020 left way too  much to be desired

 from now forward, then the ROPE METHOD is for you.

Heck, if you're ready to accelerate your goals you may have already made a

small amount of progress on but finally admit you need a BOOST, then the ROPE METHOD is for you!

Inside the ROPE METHOD course, I share:

⭐ How to represent your current life situation in 8-12 categories of your life with accuracy to make it your starting point

⭐ How to create a life wheel to give you a visual document of this point in your life to refer back on

⭐ How to identify past mental blocks, fears, and insecurities that have held you back in life

⭐ How to reframe the future by flipping your emotional baggage on its head

⭐ How to find the tools needed to design and execute the life you freakin' love!

...Complete with printable workbooks and templates to make this an 

eye-opening, awakening, and easy step-by-step process for you!


Creating goals for things you've only ever dreamed of because you thought the limitations of your own mind were more powerful than what you were probably capable of ....

And then watching every single life category improve in a holistic way, almost like magic.

That's what the ROPE METHOD did for me.

That's the difference between using the same ole, same ole method of goal setting for your personal annual goals....

Versus designing a life you freaking love with this method.

Inside the ROPE METHOD, we're taking a trip through the past, present, and future of your life. {Kinda like Scrooge's ghosts except way less freaky!}

I'm walking you through how to use the past and present to see pitfalls, opportunities, and how you've been spending your precious time (ya know, that stuff you never get back) to know exactly how to gain motivation like you've never had for finally moving forward in your life.

And I'm sharing this stuff with you right now because I don't want you to simply write down goals for the next year...

I want you to thrive.

And it's 100% possible...

Everyone could use a ROPE to help them out the choppy waters of uncertainty.

I'm handing it to you today...😉

Grab the ROPE METHOD today! ...


 Now only $47!!

Lock in this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

Here's what you'll learn in the ROPE METHOD:

What a Life Wheel is and how to create your own that represents your life now and in the future. And don't worry--it's a visual representation, but no artistic skills are necessary! You'll learn the metaphor behind the life wheel and why it matters so much that we segment our lives out into separate categories when we do life design sessions.

How to assess your past through a very specific method for reflection and identification of the things that have held you back all this time.

This section alone is worth the entire cost of the ROPE METHOD! Very few people use these methods in conjunction with goal setting, but they are crucial to the execution stage!

How to organize and interpret the information you pull out of your heart and brain during your life design session. It doesn't matter how much time and effort you've put into a specific category of your life if you don't have balance and don't know how to get out of ruts and break through emotional barriers you've been harboring for years.

This section busts all your previous qualms for creating intentions with a secret that your 4-year old is obsessed with. (Why do we forget to do this as we get older??)

How to map out a personalized goal ladder and break each goal down into meaningful chunks. A lot of people think this part alone is sufficient for annual personal goal setting, but boy are they wrong! This is only a small part of the life design process, but an important one. This is where you begin to generate intentions and figure out the logistics of making that happen, one step at a time, unique to YOU.

How to make every darn thing you set out to do happen to start putting all the pieces together to a life you absolutely adore living every day. This section starts helping you fill gaps to create more balance in your life, as well as creating mental flexibility to be able to handle any set-backs along the way. Essentially, this is the section where you get ready to pull anchor and set sail on a life you love.

Who is the ROPE METHOD for?

The ROPE METHOD is for any--yes, any--woman who's tired of spinning her wheels

 in all categories of her life with no balance, and no vision for how to move forward.

The Goal-Setting Virgin:

Anyone who's never sat down to do goal setting will be getting off on the right foot forever by beginning with the ROPE METHOD instead of basic goal setting with a single paper template.

Most people in this category don't even know what goals they should be setting for themselves. This method solves all that from the get-go!

Wouldn't we all be in a freakin' fantastic place in life if we'd known how to do this method from the start instead of creating goals that fall flat in a few months every. single. year??

The Goal-Setting Rookie:

Anyone who's had goal setting sessions before, and experienced the rush of planning and creating that vision of your life....

But fell flat when fears and obstacles cropped up that got them sidetracked from what they really wanted in life.

(Yeah...that happens after having kids....)

The problem was you weren't planning for your emotions to take control of your behavior. Even terrible habits can be reset, and emotions can be worked through. Tools that you don't have aren't even a problem! The ROPE METHOD primes your resourcefulness to figure out how to get around or through any obstacle to create a life you're absolutely in love with.

The Chronic Goal-Setter:

Anyone who religiously sits down to create intentions and goals for themselves minimum once a year, and actually makes movement. But isn't seeing nearly the progress in life they want.  

Goal setting in this level has never been framed as life design, and you probably notice recurring stopping points in your goal progress. These are usually mental and emotional hurdles that must be addressed and smashed before you can really break through those obstacles and finally see exponential growth in your life.

The ROPE METHOD will challenge your emotions like you've never experienced before, and in the privacy of your home, on your terms and your timeline.

Just because 2020 pulled the rug out from under us doesn't mean

we shouldn't run into 2021 like a track star.

But--it does mean we should take what we've learned this year and 

NOT take our lives and the time we have for granted.

It means we need to address the issues of our past so we're able to

pivot when we need to, with grace and a plan in place.

What you get when you design the life you love

with the ROPE METHOD:

The 4-Step ROPE  Method give you a proven framework of life design that blows basic goal setting out of the water.

Video Lessons

To let you go at whatever pace you're comfortable with, and pause-and-play as needed.

Goal Ladder Template

To get you a visual framework for making your intentions into actionable steps.

Life Wheel Template

To help you visualize your life in categories, but also to create a visual record of your life satisfaction at this very point in time to reflect back on at every review session you have.

Execution Toolbox

To get you on the fast-track to improving any life category right from the get-go!

ROPE Method workbook

To help you follow along with the videos and brainstorm every possibility from past to present to future.

But you also get the BONUS:

Design the Life You Love Planner to help you KEEP GOING BEYOND your initial goal setting sessions!

This planner helps you keep track of every step in this process, as well as guides you through the REVIEW process, which is CRITICAL in maintaining the momentum of reaching your goals!

This planner alone is worth $37 but it's your FREE BONUS with the purchase of the ROPE Method course!

Grab the ROPE METHOD today! ...


 Now only $47!!

Lock in this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

"Why the urgency, Laura?"

Here's the thing:

The world won't just magically go back to what it was before 2020...

This year has brought us exponential uncertainty and has sent us spinning off our axes. 

Which means that people, now more than ever, need a proven structure to heal from the past,

re-organize in a way that makes sense in this strange new world, and create a plan that's flexible for whatever the future holds.

In a world of uncertainty, here's something you can count on...

We're more aware now that we have emotional baggage holding us back that needs healing.

The same ole' same ole' way of goal setting doesn't work.

Designing a life you love doesn't mean achieving goals in just a couple areas of your life, it must be holistic.

And if you're ready for some certainty, I want to help you.



Grab your digital copy of the ROPE METHOD


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Follow the 4-step process to design a life you l♥ve living


Live your best life like you've always dreamed!

Grab the ROPE METHOD today!


Only $47!

Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

What others are saying about the ROPE METHOD:

Amanda Jacobs, freelance writer -->

"This course was amazing! It was SO helpful to me to get me back on track, healing my past and succeeding in the future. It's easy to consume while still being meaningful and impactful to bring about great change!"

"I'm usually a very technical, black and white situational person, but this course forced me to really dive into the emotional parts of my past and how they've affected every decision I've made. But also how they're affecting my present. Some things I thought I didn't want to acknowledge, but once I dove in, I understood how they all connect. That was so powerful in helping me understand how to use it to get where I want to go now. I'm so excited for my first goal review to fill out my new life wheel to see my progress!"

<-- Callie Engram, finance manager

Cindy Wu, graphic designer -->

"If you're overwhelmed with life, this is the course for you. It breaks down everything so you look at what you've done before and why in all your life categories so you can plan the future. I've never set goals like this before. But doing it this way is so much more exciting because it helped me see why I have certain habits that would never help me reach my goals. I have my big WHY now, and can see my mistakes from the past and help me get over my past hurts to make my dreams actually happen."

"There were so many breakthroughs in this course--I didn't realize how so much of my past could affect my future until going through the Reflection section and taking a hard look at my past. Each section flows nicely to help you go through the steps, and the workbook follows along perfectly. "

<-- Emilee Frouse, middle school teacher

Renee Brandt, social media manager -->

"Oh my goodness I loved this course! It was simple enough to complete in a day if I wanted to, but also complex enough to make you stop and think about the answers (especially about our past and fears). I have felt really disorganized since becoming a full-time entrepreneur, so this helped me get out of my own head and address the things I need to move forward. I really needed this!"

FAQ's about the ROPE METHOD:

Do I have to print out the workbook?

Nope! The course will walk you through many different things for you to work through, but anything you feel you should write down, can be done in a notebook or in a doc on your computer.

How long will the course take?

The course is set up for you to go through the videos and lessons as quickly as you'd like. I do encourage students to take their time, however, because of the deep dives into your past--but also the thought that should go into how to design your future.

How long do I have access to the course?

As long as Stella Nadene is alive a kickin' you have access. But if you download the workbook, you'll have the ROPE METHOD system in digital form forever.

What if I've never set goals before?

Geat! This is the perfect starting point for learning how to set goals based on the lessons you've learned from the past, to understand how those lessons are affecting your present, so you can change course for the future!

Can I buy this, check it out, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the course, it is not refundable.

Design a life you love living with the ROPE METHOD today so you can

finally get the unique direction and motivation you need to move your life forward.

Grab the ROPE METHOD today!


Now only $47!

Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

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