6 Often Overlooked Safety Tips for New Parents

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Babies and young children like to explore the world with their hands or by sticking things in their mouth which is why babyproofing is an important thing to get sorted before your child is born. There are a lot of obvious things you need to do around the house like keeping all of the drawers in the kitchen locked up so they can’t get at anything sharp or putting a gate on the stairs so they can’t fall.

But those are only a few of the many dangers around the house. There is an endless list of things that babies and young kids can hurt themselves with and a lot of people end up missing a couple. These are the safety tips for new parents that you probably never thought of.  


6 often forgotten safety tips for new parents


The Bathroom


Your child isn’t going to be using the toilet on their own for a while so most new parents don’t pay too much attention to the bathroom when they’re making the house safe. But even if they’re not using the toilet, there’s always the chance that they could get into the bathroom so you still need to protect them from all of the dangers in there. This home childproofing guide has some great advice on making the bathroom safe for kids. You need to watch out for any cleaning chemicals, particularly bleach. If they’re in a cupboard at floor level, make sure that it’s secured so kids can’t get into it.


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The TV


The TV is another thing that people often forget to make safe. But if a child gets hold of it and pulls it off a shelf, it can do a lot of damage. You might be better off just mounting it to the wall where it’s out of their reach or keeping it in a locked TV cabinet when you’re not using it.


Family Pets


Having a family pet is very good for your child’s development. It’s also a great way to help the family to stay active. But you’ve got to be careful when the children are very young. Some pets might get carried away with their playing and could end up accidentally hurting a child. It’s important that you never leave young kids along with pets and always teach them how to approach them in a gentle way so they don’t upset your pet.


The Temperature


A new baby is very sensitive to temperature and if they’re not comfortable, they might be restless and have trouble sleeping. Most parents are a bit unsure of what temperature is best for babies; it all depends slightly on each baby but as a general rule, you should keep the temperature somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees. If you notice that the baby is getting restless and you can’t work out why, consider adjusting the temperature or adding and taking away blankets to see if they calm down.


Sharp Corners


Once babies start walking, they have a new way to explore their environment and they’ll be running about all over the place. They’re going to bump into things now and again so you need to make sure that there isn’t anything that can hurt them. The pointed corners on furniture are a particular problem but there’s an easy fix for that. Simply get some foam edges to put on there so they’re soft. This greatly reduces the baby getting seriously injured if he or she catches a corner.


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An Emergency Plan


Even if you take all of the necessary precautions and you remember all of these smaller details, kids might still find a way to injure themselves. That’s why it’s so important that you have an emergency plan in place if somebody does get hurt. Keep the necessary emergency numbers on hand so you can call for help right away. It’s also worth keeping the babysitter’s number there as well in case you need to take one of the kids to the hospital and you need somebody to look after the other kids.


A lot of the time, injuries aren’t going to be that serious and there won’t be any need to go to the hospital. You just need to make sure that you’ve got a proper first aid kit to hand with antiseptics and a few bandages so you can deal with any minor bumps and scrapes that they might get.


As a parent, you’re never going to get everything right and kids are going to end up hurting themselves sometimes. It’s just a part of parenting that you’ll have to learn to live with. But you can avoid any serious disasters if you remember all of these safety tips.


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