3 Crucial Ways to Implement Self Care at Work

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In any job for any woman, the list of must-do’s can make you more dizzy than a tilt-a-whirl at the county fair. But all this talk about obligation and duty and the need to better yourself never seems tempered with talks about self-care, about how to actually thrive in your career in the most healthy manner possible. It’s especially important as moms to get rest, to regroup and to settle ourselves occasionally. Otherwise, burnout is inevitable.


But what does working self-care really mean? What are the true ‘musts’ of actually developing a worthwhile career while reducing our stress levels? Here are three super effective strategies at navigating this:


True Time Management


An ability to manage your time well might be seen as some kind of magical effort that only the best among us can do. But  perhaps the time management of a lawyer or other highly executive professional isn’t always the thing we need to emulate. True time management means working productively, not for hours upon hours upon hours each week. It’s actually been shown in studies that working in an office is often a waste in the afternoon, as most employees fulfill their tasks in the morning, and then spend at least the last hour wrapping things up or simply filling time with less-than-effective work.

The better solution is to find what works for you, when you’re most effective, and when you can apply yourself completely to a certain task. With this true time management (which takes a little time to get a feel for), the days you encounter become much more enjoyable and much less frantic with this type of self care at work.


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Defending Yourself


Sometimes defending yourself at work is necessary. If you’ve realized that you’re actually being harassed by an overly keen manager, you need to report that to HR, collect the evidence of this happening so it’s undeniable, and even leave the company if possible with a claim made against them.

Defending yourself also includes the possibility of having to hire an injury lawyer after experiencing an accident due to negligence at work, even if your boss is one of your friends and might discourage you from doing so.

Defending yourself is also trying to attain the confidence to speak fairly and rationally about your opinions and working interests. An uncompromising attitude towards self-respect will become all the more important if you raise the ranks of any firm, and that goes double for opening a business on your own terms. While it might sound like working for a firm is akin to fighting a war (it isn’t), it’s essential to know that almost no office environment is a center for R&R. Sometimes you do have to defend yourself and your craft for your personal health and reputational integrity.


Keeping Your Options Open


Keeping your options open is always important when you’re trying to navigate your way through the working landscape. Not matter how loyal you’ve been to your current firm thus far, there is always a chance that you may be let go, or that conditions might deteriorate. Opening yourself up to further opportunities by keeping your eye on the market, perhaps building your own platform outside of work, or simply looking at the available job market once in a while, can help you feel less completely and blindly loyal to one firm, but potentially open you up to the real weight of salary and treatment your skills should be earning you. This means that you will never be taken advantage of, because it’s impossible to force someone to do something who cannot lose from being let go.

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Don’t forget these tips are more crucial for moms. Whether we like to admit it or not, we have limited patience and availability for stress in our lives if we expect to take care of our families properly. Our responsibilities on us at all times really reach way further than just time spent at work. So managing our self care in that aspect only helps reduce our overall stress levels. And you, Mama friend, are so worth it!


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