The Reason Why Self Care Needs to Start With Self Love

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The emotional reasons why self care starts with self love, and why we all need to dig deep and start right there.

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When it comes to treating yourself better, what we’re talking about is the area of “self care”, which can be described as the actions individuals take for themselves in order to maintain and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.  


That said, for us to take positive action, we must first have the positive belief that we are worthy of taking care of ourselves… and to have this positive belief, we often need to change how we think and feel about ourselves.


self care starts with self love


Low Self Esteem


See, many people are not conditioned to be positive and self-approving.  Many of us have experiences when growing up that infer that we’re not “good enough” or “worthy.” And this develops into a core foundational belief that means we operate from a place of not feeling worthy of love or self-care.  This is commonly referred to as a low self-esteem.


Then, society reinforces this belief. Take a look at advertising. We can see that almost all beauty adverts are tapping into this fear that we’re not good enough, and we’re not lovable as we are–but–if  we buy their product, then we’ll be good enough. The best example is to think of how weight loss pills or acne treatments are marketed.


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In a nutshell, it’s somewhat futile to point out how to take better care of yourself, for instance, carving time out for yourself to relax and unwind in a nice bubble bath, or nourishing your body each morning, with a healthy vegetable smoothie… if, the underlying core belief of not feeling good enough about yourself to warrant self-care remains.


Temporary External Solutions


The challenge today is that many people are looking for external solutions to satisfy internal challenges, for instance, people can become so financially focused and prosperous as a result of looking for the best deals on financial products but in the process, they become so entrenched in the material world they neglect their inner emotional world.


The truth is, no matter what we buy in the material world, we are buying this to satisfy an emotional itch… for instance, you can go out and buy a fantastically fast sports car, thinking it’s just because you like this particularly sports car – yet, when you scratch beneath the surface and look at the real reason you want that car, it’s likely to be found in a feeling of significance or the feeling of success… which often ties back to a time when you felt unsuccessful or insignificant, and now, this is being used as a symbolic prop to soothe that feeling.


The Real Solutions: Internal


In this sense, self care doesn’t start with a bath or a spa day – these are activities that can nourish your mind and body, but the step before this, is to start believing your worth taking care of yourself.  To start treating yourself with more respect, value, and dignity.


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The person that abuses drugs, or comfort eats to the point they are filling their body with junk food, is doing so because they do not feel they are valuable enough to take care of themselves – they are trying to get out of emotional pain, and are using drugs or food as a vehicle to get them from where they are to where they want to be.


To treat yourself better, you need to start to feel better about yourself and feel more worthy of self-love and self-care. A great way to do that is to exercise every day and eat healthy, for starters.

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