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So glad you’re back for Part 2: Measurement!! This is how you make your goals measurable.


Step by step, how to create SMART Goals and make goals measurable + FREE workbook for diy goal setting


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How to create smart goals for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook



Make goals measurable


I love this quote because so many things (especially mini-goals and micro-tasks) can cloud the view of your path when working toward goals. You need some sort of measurement system to determine if you’re actually making progress. You need to make your goals measurable.


“M” Measurable: Goals should have some measurable aspect.


The main gist of making goals measurable is pretty self-explanatory. You must have some way to measure and know that you’re making progress. There must be some sort of metric to your actions and where you are so that you’ll know your progress.

So, for example, I’m still working on my novel–the editing phase–to start querying agents. My goal is to snag the most awesome agent in the universe by December 31st. (At which point we’ll bust out our most expensive bottle of wine and get delirious while we celebrate.) But, obviously, I have to finish all the editing first–because you only send the most polished gem you can, right? So since there are ‘phases’ I go through with editing, I’ve broken down measurable blocks of editing so that when each is completed by a certain date, I’ll have the editing complete and will be ready to send out those queries.

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So, for example, my pass-through to eliminate all passive sentences has a deadline of April 30th; restructuring chapters for better flow by May 31st; additional character development by June 30th; then critiques set up by July 15th so that any rewrites or additional edits can happen by the deadline of August 31st. At which point I’ll begin sending queries. (Notice that I have no clue how long it will actually take to GET an agent yet…this is the guess-part of goal setting where you will need to go back and review/revise goals if you discover that you were a little naive about timelines, or every person in your house got sick and set you back two weeks, or you have to talk your sister down from a ledge who’s in a mid-life crisis…whatever the case may be!)

Think about how your goal can be broken down into chunks you can actually measure. Create a reward for yourself for each small thing you accomplish. I promise you’re gonna get burnt out at some point. These little rewards will help you move on to your next phase!


SO HERE’S THE ACTION PLAN to make your goals measurable:

1-Break your goal into chunks

2-Sequence those chunks accordingly

3-Decide if you’re going to reward yourself for accomplishing certain steps, or the whole enchilada!

Got it? Awesome!


Don’t forget to download your FREE SMART Goal Setting workbook to walk you through as you create your own SMART Goals! Just click the image below!


How to create smart goals for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook


Next post we move on to step 3: ‘A’: Attainable. 

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Can’t wait for next week! In the meantime, figure out how to break your goals down into chunks to make your goals measurable over time. You really need to set the ruler for your success early on!

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