How to Make Your Goals Time Bound Using SMART Goals

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Have you determined if all your goals are relevant to your overall life plan? Eliminated anything unnecessary? Awesome! This post is Part 5: Make Your Goals Time Bound!

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How to create smart goals for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook

make goals time bound


That Brian Tracy dude is pretty freakin smart, huh? But seriously, what urgency do you have, or drive, or motivation to GET STUFF DONE if there’s no deadline??! I know you think you’ve already set a timeline by chunking your goals, but that was really just the beginning.


You need to make your end goals TIME BOUND.


Making your goals time bound using the smart goal setting method, plus free smart goals workbook printable

“T” Time-bound: Make your goals time bound; give them a deadline.


Even though I’m totally sure you’re squirming in your seat to read another juicy anecdote about goals gone wrong, I’m not really inclined to give one up today. Because this last part is so simple, you really don’t need a story about somebody else’s silly mistakes.

You need a deadline.

Bottom line.

Once you have a time-frame for your mini-goals (and micro-goals if those are needed), you’ll have a clear, giant view of your realistic deadline for your goal. Now you just need to make sure you put your plan in place so the action is happening!


Create the urgency. Execute the plan.


But make sure it’s a realistic deadline when you’re making your goals time bound. If you’ve just torn a ligament in your knee, running a 5K is seriously not gonna happen in the next 2-3 months. If you’re $100K in debt, you’re probably not gonna pay that off in a year to be able to afford your luxury vacation to Bali. This sort of wraps in with making your goal attainable. Because it has to be a realistic timeline, PLUS allow for delays when making your goals time bound.

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SO HERE’S THE ACTION PLAN to make your goals time bound:


1-Use your revised timelines to calculate out a realistic deadline for your goal.

2-Put each of these deadlines into your calendar.

3-Create task lists for each of these deadline-bound mini-goals.


(#s 2 and 3 are so, so important!!! They mean you intend to DO your steps to achieve those goals!)


You should now have a complete road-map of what you need to do to achieve your goals!


Whew!! How does it feel??


I encourage you to share your successes, and even your failures! Failures are really just lessons learned for next time–don’t forget that! (I’ve learned many, many lessons, BTW.)


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Want the FREE workbook for SMART Goal Setting? Click the image below!


How to create smart goals for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook


Good luck, I’m rooting for you!!! Now GO and DO!!!

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