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We can often forget just how far modern technology has progressed, and how far it has yet to progress. Twenty years ago the mobile phones we have now would have been considered outlandish, and that’s saying nothing of the raw computational power that’s actually available worldwide. As AI and the internet of things become even more of a pressing reality in our lifetime, it can be worthwhile to consider just how our own homes are outfitted for our use.

While investing in every single kickstarter invention for your home space might not be considered the best idea, and while certain developments such as Amazon Key have been looked on with deep suspicion, it’s not hard to see just how our homes are starting to become ‘smart homes’ as effectively as possible.


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Is your home living in the future? Might you consider outfitting it in 2019? With our following advice, you might just see what your options actually are:


Smart Fridges


While we’re nowhere close to the incredible 3D printed and immediate food we all seem to think a possibility in the future, there are many smart appliances to help you with your general dietary needs throughout the day. Among these are smart fridges. All smart fridges can be different, but there are some functionalities worth keeping. Some allow you to apply an inventory to the UI database on-screen, allowing you to search for and formulate recipes that take into account the current items within. They can help you set the best before dates to help remind you when to throw things out, or sometimes even give you the wishlisting ability to generate a shopping basket with your favorite online grocer.


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Some smart fridges are part of a larger, cohesive appliance set, in which you can connect to the internet of things in order to deduct stock levels upon usage, to help you calculate calories among many other things. While a smart fridge is perhaps the most luxurious appliance that you might have in your home, and by no means needed, if you’re hoping to future proof your kitchen, this could be a good choice for you.


Complete Home Automation


Home automation can be an excellent means of not only saving you time, but allowing your home to cater to the needs you have from hour to hour. We often think of our homes as simply a place to protect us and place our head at night, but it’s much more than that. It’s a place for us to feel comfortable, actualized, and to make memories with friends or family. For this reason, having a more cohesive and open form of home management could be a pleasant luxury to have at first, but then as the convenience hits becomes more of your daily familiarity, it will become a ‘must.’ Learning more about the best services to apply this form of management can be worthwhile, especially if they offer solid security maintenance, the ability to switch off your other appliances and manage the usage of the small things, such as your light fixtures. A home automation fixture or subscription could absolutely help you jump into the new year with a fresh-feeling house, so long as you remember the usual necessity of cleaning well, through and through.


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Security Systems


Security systems were alluded to slightly in the previous paragraph, but it’s important to know their importance. As technology moves forward, so does security. While your home is unlikely to be the victim of a cyberattack attempt, thieves and trespassers stick lurk around as they have for thousands of years. For this reason, using modern-day solutions to these problems could potentially help you curtail these possibilities with ease. Light management, contacting emergency services, detecting trespassers due to a tripped alarm among many other implements could be essential in order to not only deter a would-be thief, but to scare away one in the process of their focused act.


Security systems matter. You might not think yourself someone who overly cares about protecting your space heavily, but think just how you’d react if the locks were removed from your home. We all care about privacy and security, it’s a human need as strong as the need to eat. So looking for a modernized solution to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible is not only wise, it’s highly rational.


Home Access While Out


It can be that sometimes, you wish to keep an eye on things in your home. It might be that you’re headed on vacation and are leaving your high-school age child at home for the weekend. Looking at your camera through a digital device might help you ensure they’re keeping strong with your mutual understanding not to throw any parties. If you’re away for extended absences, ensuring the property is well provided for by the maintenance provider can be achieved through this observational platform.


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This might sound difficult to implement, but it’s really not. All you need to do is select it as an option when applying a cohesive security suite to your home. This can help you not only ensure its compatibility with various other implements you have in the household, but it can help you apply a more custom-fit scenario for what you envision to be the largest security issues you may have to deal with.




You might not think that an appliance can give you comfort, but we would assure you that it can. From smart foot spas to smart heaters to even smart blankets (yes, they exist,) if you can feel comfortable with it, odds are there’s a solution made by some crazy startup or another with pretty glowing reviews. You may decide to purchase a companion robot for company, or perhaps invest in a streaming share suite so you and your family member you might not be able to spend Christmas with can both enjoy a movie on a snow-swept evening.


With these tips, your home is sure to be closer to the new decade.


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Is your home living in the future?