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Busy Mamas have lots of responsibility when it comes to managing household finances. And with it comes figuring things out, like how to pay down debt, or even how to save for vacation when we’re already at capacity. Many Moms have found that its actually doable to make some money on the side to make up for the deficit. But have you thought of starting your own business? You may find that being an entrepreneur is actually the ultimate side hustle turned career.


6 reasons why starting your own business may be for you


There are some caveats, though. You might be reluctant to start your own business if…


  • You are currently very happy with your career choice, so taking your foot off the career ladder may be pointless and irrational.


  • Adding the rigors of running a business may be the last thing you need to add to your busy agenda.


  • You don’t know the first thing about running a business, perhaps because you lack some of the skills needed in your own life, be that managing your finances, or lacking the subtle skills of self-promotion, as examples.


Considering the first two points, you may decide in favor of starting a business later in life, or not at all if you’re happy with where you are. With regards to that last point, you shouldn’t let your lack of skills put you off. You can learn the basics of running a business through research and training. You can outsource the things you are weakest at to others (such as an accountant if finances aren’t your bag), and you can find ways to promote your business without needing a degree in the subject.

Take a look at the inventive way you can promote your brand on this website, for example. So don’t be put off if this is the main reason why starting your own business may not have been high on your bucket list of dreams. Because you see, provided you do have some time in your life to focus on something else, starting your own business could be the best thing you do today.


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These are some of the reasons why!


By starting a business, you can become your own boss.


No longer do you have to ‘stick it to the man,’ working for somebody else with all the challenges that can involve. You can do your own thing, setting your own rules, and answering to yourself for a change. There’s no usual 9 to 5, you don’t have to face the battles of the daily commute, and you don’t have to work with people who may/may not do your head in on a daily basis! You have the freedom to do what you want, and provided you manage your time effectively to get the jobs done each day, you can also improve your work-life balance.


By starting a business, you can do something more interesting than your everyday job.


This is especially true for those of you stuck in a job that has taken you away from the aspirations you had when you were younger. While running a business will still have its boring aspects – paperwork, budgeting, spreadsheets – you may still have more drive to get on with these tedious tasks when you are enjoying the rest of the business that you have created. You can always outsource certain jobs to others. This will give you time to do more of the stuff you love, and less things you hate!


By starting a business, you can follow your passions.


Following on from the above, if you have something you enjoy doing in your downtime, you might be able to base your business around these pastimes. Having more time to engage with what you enjoy, and by making money from your hobbies, you will have what many people can only dream of. A truly fulfilling job! If your current career isn’t offering you that level of satisfaction, then running a business based around your favorite leisure activities may be the next best of thing.


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By starting a business, you can have a second income.


Not ready to take your foot off the career ladder? Enjoy the job you already have? Fine, you can still start a business, provided you don’t burn yourself out in the process. You see, your own business could be a sideline you do on the weekends. It can be something you dip in and out of, dependant on the time you have to commit to it. It can be something as simple as selling your crafts online or freelancing your services to others whenever you have an open window in your schedule. You may eventually replace your current career with your business, especially when you start to make a profit. Or you might always keep it ticking nicely alongside your regular job. Whatever the case, you will benefit from the money it generates, and that is never a bad thing!


By starting a business, you can make a difference to somebody else’s life.


Running a business is not just about you, and the benefits you will receive from the endeavour. It can be about helping others, whether it’s employing others to get them off the unemployment line and the negative career paths they are on, or forming a business that is philanthropic in nature, such as beginning a charity. Of course, your business should benefit others anyway. The product and service you provide will also positively impact others in some way. Even if you are money-oriented in your focus. In short, your business can benefit everybody!


By starting your own business, you will positively change your life.


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Putting the onus back on your life again, you may never look back after beginning this endeavor. You’ll make more money and have the opportunity to invest into your future. New people will be met ever day that you can learn from their experiences. And, you will meet challenges head-on and grow as a person as you overcome them. You will learn valuable skills that may help you in other ways. Also, you will do something that few others have the courage to do. And will have a sense of pride from the accomplishment. Running a business can be demanding and scary. But it can also be exhilarating, rewarding, and as we said, life-changing. You may never regret the decision. Especially if your life isn’t where you want it to be at this present moment in time.


So, what do you think? Could starting a business be the best thing you do today? Or even tomorrow, next week, or sometime next year? Whether you begin something large or small, there are many reasons why running a business could be best thing you ever do.


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