10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out Every Day

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If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to bundle up in bed and binge on Game of Thrones instead of working out, I’d be like, SUPER RICH. But also super heavy, and super unfit. I get it, nobody wants to do it unless we have a mega reward, cause that’s just how the brain works. But did you know that you can also get that motivation from other places on the front end? Here’s 10 fantastic ways you can get and stay motivated to work out every day.


10 ways to stay motivated to work out every day


1.Find something you LOVE doing to stay motivated to work out!


Waaaay back in high school I used to do jazz, tap, and ballet dancing. What I discovered is that not only do I love ballet, but I also love what’s known as ‘toe’. This is a special class where you wear the toe shoes that have the wooden block in the end. It’s the kind of shoes professional ballet dancers wear. And even though they’re an evil wench on the toes and toenails, if you can cram enough cotton in there, it’s so dang fun!

Even today, I’d so much rather do a dance class than get on a treadmill. The treadmill bores me to tears. And I’m not alone in that. Tons of people find that when they have something they enjoy when it comes to fitness, it’s never an issue to stay motivated to work out every day.

 What things that involve being active do you LOVE doing? Make a list, search some classes, and figure out how to do one of those things regularly!


2. Find a Partner


Finding someone who’s also committed to working out like you are is a brilliant way to keep motivated. This is especially true if you’re a very social person, or even just want a little extra hang time with your friends. Or hey, maybe you and the spouse/partner want to spend a little more time together doing something besides the ole dinner and a movie! There are studies showing that when you workout with your spouse, you increase your emotional bond, are more likely to achieve your fitness goals, and are more likely to feel in love with each other!

Whatever the deciding factor of your who the lucky recipient is, this is a really good way to stay motivated to work out. You don’t want to let someone down, and it should work the same in reverse as well. You’re helping each other.


Think about your friends, family, and partner. Who is MOST LIKELY to want to work out with you, and actually keep up? Set a reminder to ask them, or send a text, or call them RIGHT NOW!


3. Find an accountability person or app


This works especially well if this person or app is the gatekeeper to a reward, and is strict. For your own sake, of course. I use the MyFitnessPal app to track a ton of stuff, but also like that once you start using it, it gives you reminders for things like working out, or even tracking your meals.

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There are also apps that will either pay you for putting in the work for your fitness goals, AND take money away when you slack on them! Dietbet and Achievement are 2 that do this or something similar.

And if you choose a person to be accountable to, that person doesn’t necessarily have to be working out with you. They can simply be the person who’s agreed to stay on your butt about doing your workouts every day. And again–you can do the same for them!


 Think about your personality type. Can you be trusted with the reward? If not, find a gatekeeper person to be accountable to. Start searching for apps in your app store, or even Google it, to find the perfect app to give you reminders and keep you going!


4. Use a Tracker


Using a tracker can be SO incredibly motivational, because it gives you the satisfaction of a ‘checkoff’ when you’ve completed your workout for the day, but it also lets you see progress. Also, you’d be shocked at how many people have ‘just enough’ OCD to want to see every single box checked off on their tracking graph! ?‍♀️

Basically you’re setting yourself up to create a good habit, and to keep at it.

I use the Fitbit system on my phone–the app + the actual tracker. But I also take advantage of a physical planner as well. It’s so incredibly rewarding for me to see my hard work all charted out on paper!


If you’re thinking about a tracker, go ahead and research them! Figure out a budget, and compare different models for features and pricing. If you don’t have the money for one, check with your insurance company. Some will actually send you a simple pedometer for free through their ‘extra’ wellness benefits (you’ll have to dig in your account to find it!) Or try using an app that tracks it like the fitbit app. You don’t have to have the device to set up an account! Read about the Fitbit Charge 2 (what I use) and why I love it!


5. Reward Yourself


Creating a reward is a really powerful thing in creating a habit, or generating motivation. When you’re starting out, it’s probably a good thing to find some healthy immediate rewards. This can help instill that motivation based on the brain’s reward response. Over time this can change to a bigger long-term reward. That way, you’re always working towards something. Ya know, besides better health or a slimmer, hot bod.

Whatever system you use, determine how reliable you are to yourself. Do you just give in when things get tough and reward yourself anyway? Then find a gatekeeper. Or do you just give up and forget the reward? Then have smaller rewards for each small step accomplished.

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The point is to establish that reward system for your brain to start hard-wiring it. It needs to know that there’s something good coming for the hard work!


 Come up with 5 different ‘little’ rewards just for getting the daily stuff done. Then think of a bigger reward for a bigger commitment (like, say… 2 weeks of working out, or even a month.) Then ask yourself if you’re reliable to NOT give yourself the reward if you don’t do your workouts. If not, find someone who’s a reliable gatekeeper for you.


6. Inspirational Boards


I’ll be honest, nothing motivates me to get my butt up like a pic of some chick with kicking abs or a muscled booty in a bikini. Another thing that does it for me are the commercials from Dancing With The Stars or other cool dance shows. They make me feel like I could shake my thang just like them, and it’s so exciting to me!! So I recognize that’s my motivation.

Many people have an idea in their head of how they want their body to look. If you’re more visual like this, an inspirational board may be perfect for you. And Pinterest is one of the BEST places to look for this type of inspiration! (Obvs.)


Determine if you’re more of a ‘digital’ or ‘analogue’ kinda person for a vision board. Then either start a board on Pinterest for fitness inspiration, or start printing or cutting out pics to make a board you can see every day.


7. Take a Hard Look at Your Habits


This kinda goes along with finding rewards, but you really need to understand the habits cycle. A habit is established when you have a trigger + reward. See if you can figure out the times of day you’re most motivated, and the least motivated, and if there’s a habit involved in that. Especially if you’re short on time for a workout.

I always HIGHLY recommend to any coaching clients that they take a hard look at their habits. Which ones are bad? Which are good? Do you have any that need to be established? Or nixed?


 Make a list of your habits (good and bad), and figure out what your reward is for them. WHY do you keep doing them? Once you have that, you’ve figured out which thing to change so you can start rewiring the habit. To learn more about the habit cycle and how to really change it, go through the free course below, or when you sign up you can download the ebook/workbook instead.



8. Journal about it


Journaling can solve many of life’s angsts. Just being able to get down on paper how you feel about working out, if you’re lacking that motivation, can help work through the pushback. It can also help you recognize what things make you feel motivated so you can find more of that to keep you on track!

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I also especially love health and fitness affirmations. They put me–and keep me–in the right frame of mind to really keep my fitness at the forefront of my priorities.


 Put a composition book or pretty journal on your shopping list (or grab one at Amazon!) and start journaling when you don’t feel motivated, AND when you’ve pushed through a workout and have finished. Circle the emotions you’ve listed and start working through what your real issue may be.


9. Try something new


Many people end up getting bored out of their minds with the same ole same ole. Especially when it comes to doing circuits or sets of things.

If you find yourself in this category, find something new to try. How about a zumba class or soul cycling? You honestly never know if you’ll like it until you try it.

And some wise words I’ve heard about trying new things is to give it 3 good honest chances before you decide against it. It could be an off day for the instructor or condition of what you’re trying. Give it a real shot with an open mind MINIMUM of 3x. Then make your final decision.


 Think about things others have been trying to get you to try with them. Think about new things you’ve seen lately and found intriguing. Come up with 3-5 new things and schedule in to give them a try! (Many places will give you a free week/month trial!) And don’t forget to give it at least 3x before you decide on a yes or no!


10. Post Inspirational Pics and Quotes everywhere


I LOVE these because the quotes are so thought-provoking to really turn my attitude around when I’m not feeling it. The pics do great too since, like I said, I’m very visual when it comes to motivation.

I love to find pics to either print out from online, or that I’ve found in fitness mags, and post them on my bathroom mirror, or in the kitchen, or wherever I may be when it’s time to work out and I may be feeling that lack to stay motivated to work out.

And–again–Pinterest is a great place to find these!


 Think about where you’re most likely to see your inspirational pics if you post them up. Where are you RIGHT WHEN you need motivation or are thinking about your workout for the day? THAT spot is where you need to post these! And hey, this may be the perfect place to make your vision board and post it!


How do you stay motivated to work out every day? Let me know in the comments below!


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Having problems staying motivated to work out? Every day can be a challenge for women, whether you're losing weight or just getting fit. Challenges can help you set goals for yourself, and these other 10 awesome ways have been super helpful for me as well! Especially try out numbers 8 and 9!! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesstips #fitnessgirl #inspirational



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