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A while back, we spoke about a few of the simple ways you could de-stress your kitchen to make the cooking process easier. A stress free kitchen is, after all, a goal which any mother in her right mind can get behind. Let’s face it–cooking for the family can be a nightmare.

If your kids are at different ages or have different tastes, the chances are that you have to cook various meals each night. Even if everyone’s happy to eat the same thing, you may find yourself getting more stressed while cooking than you’d like. And that’s before we even talk about the chores of the cleaning process. In short; your kitchen could fast become your least favorite room in the house.

To make matters worse, many kitchens just aren’t designed to make your life any easier. As we touched on in that last post, kitchen clutter and disorganization turn stress-levels up even further. In some instances, these issues do have simple solutions. But what if your problems here take more than a little rearranging to solve? Small hobs or a crowded kitchen space can both stress you out more than anything. Even the wrong layout can make your life much harder here than it needs to be.


tips for planning a stress free kitchen remodel


If this situation is bad enough, you may be on the verge of considering a kitchen renovation. In some cases, that’s the only way to get this space the way you want it. Imagine how much easier mealtimes would be if you could get rid of that kitchen island. Imagine the ease with which you could cook if your cupboards were in the right places.

The trouble is, kitchen renovations involve major upheaval. When you have a family to consider, that’s never good news. In fact, the mere thought of trying to provide for your family without a kitchen may raise your blood levels. Lucky for you, kitchen renovations don’t need to be as stressful as you’re expecting. To prove that point, keep reading to find out our stress free kitchen remodel steps to success.


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Have a clear idea of what you want before you start


This may sound simple, but it’s astounding how many people embark on renovation without having a clear picture in their minds. Instead, they work on a brief outline and change things as they go. This is fine for childless couples who aren’t in any rush, but it definitely won’t suit your situation. Operating this way can more than double the time renovations take.

In extreme cases, this could also see you ending with a kitchen which still doesn’t make life any easier. Instead, then, make sure to sketch out a clear and concise idea of what you want before getting started. Whether you’re doing this alone or hiring an outside company, be clear about what you need and where you want it. Consider where you want things to be. Think about how many cupboards you need. And, remember; the more you consider now, the better chance you have of landing with your dream kitchen in no time.


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Know your time period


It’s also essential that you know the period of time you’ll need to dedicate to this cause. This can be a tricky thing to get your head around as renovations rarely run smoothly. Still, by developing a brief timeline of how long you expect this project to take, you can save a whole load of stress. As a general rule, you want to give yourself excess time here. That way, even running over a little shouldn’t matter a great deal.

You’ll also find yourself more willing to take things easy and not push this when you have that timeline in mind. So, sit down and be realistic about how long you can expect jobs to take.

If you’ve ordered new appliances, consider when you can expect them to arrive. Consider how long installation will take. Include, too, time for grouting or paint to dry. Aside from saving you stress, having some idea of the time this will take frees you up to ensure you have plenty of pre-prepared meals to see you through. Talking of which, you’re going to want to…


Prepare ahead of time


Once you’ve done the above, you’re nearly ready to start. Before you do, though, you want to make preparations to ensure life runs smoothly after renovations begin. You can do this in a few different ways.

For one, you want to pre-cook. By referring to your schedule, you can see for sure how many days you’ll be without a kitchen. That allows you to pre-cook and freeze enough meal portions to last you. This can both save you money on eating out, and make sure you stay healthy while your kitchen is out of action.

If nothing else, this will be better for your family than endless nights of microwave meals. When you have plenty of food put aside, you also need to consider how you’re going to cook it once your oven’s out of action.

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Your best bet here would be to prepare a temporary kitchen using tips like those found at By providing a space elsewhere in your home for your microwave and cutlery, you’ll be able to maintain some semblance of normality at mealtimes. This also has the bonus of keeping all your essential stuff away from the dust which is sure to come during a renovation.

If you want to go all out, you could even invest in a portable hob. That way, you could cook rice to go with those frozen portions of chili. Either way, sparing some thought here ensures you’ll have everything you need for the duration of this period. If your table is in your kitchen, you could even take this out and hide it in the corner of your living room.

The thing to remember is that you want to make this as normal as possible. Achieve that, and you won’t have any cause for stress.


Order your jobs well

Of course, makeshift kitchens aren’t all fun and games. The capabilities they provide are minimal. What’s more, keeping this going for a long time could pose a safety risk. The chances are that there are far more hazardous materials in this makeshift alternative, after all.

With that in mind, you want to know that you can get back to your kitchen as soon as possible. In part, your pre-drawn schedule can help towards that.

To take this further, though, it may also be worth considering the order in which you tackle each task. Some jobs, after all, will need completing before you can even enter that space again.

Others, you can finish as you go. If you’re fitting all new cupboards, for instance, that should be a clear first step. You’ll also need to head to sites like and select new countertops to arrive as soon as possible. Focus, too, on ordering any replacement appliances.

Once these essentials are in place, you may find that you can move back into your kitchen and complete the rest of the jobs as you go. Your kitchen floor, for instance, doesn’t stop you from being able to work. Nor does the installation of wall tiles. If you tackled tasks like these first, you would waste precious time. By saving them until last, though, you can get on with life as usual. What more proof do you need that order matters?

Write a list of every job, then put a number next to them. Refer back to this, and be clear in your own mind when you can move back into your kitchen.


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Make sure you have more than enough money aside

If there’s one thing the many renovation programs out there tell us, it’s that work is never as cheap as we expect it to be. The chances are that you’ve been saving up for this project for a while. You may have even added the costs of materials, or gotten a quote from an outside company.

Don’t think, though, that means you know how much this will cost. If you only set aside the amount you think you’ll need, you’ll slow progress and pile no end of stress on your shoulders.

If you find that you can’t afford to continue, you’ll be stuck in catch 22 for goodness knows how long.

When projects run over, they don’t do so lightly, either. Hence why you need to take that ‘estimated’ budget and raise it by at least 10-20% before starting work. This may seem extreme, but you would be amazed by how fast that money could go. It’s also worth knowing your options for things like loans, just in case.

Only through the above can you ensure your renovation remains stress-free for the whole family. It may seem like a lot of work, but every step mentioned is easy enough to achieve when you get down to it. Besides, don’t you think a little effort is worthwhile for a kitchen which makes cooking a breeze?


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