3 Necessary Self Care Strategies to Keep Yourself Sane this Summer

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3 necessary summer self care strategies to keep you sane while the kids are home for summer break.

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Okay Mommas, summer is right around the corner, and that means you’re going to be pulled left, right, and anywhere else your kids want you to go because it’s the holiday, and it’s time to play! Right? Or at least, that’s their idea of a holiday. Your idea of summer self care may be a lot more civilized. Like sitting by the pool slurping on a delicious cocktail in peace, and quiet. But of course, it’s not always that simple when you’re a parent. But having said that, it’s really important that you make some time for yourself because you should be enjoying the downtime away from work that you deserve too. So it’s all about finding the balance between catering to your little ones, and having some oh so important summer self care me-time.


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Give yourself a day off

Just because you may not work during the weekdays doesn’t mean that you don’t need a day off. It’s very common for your kids to have tons of different ideas for every day that passes by. And while it’s great that they want to get out and do things, you also need to take a moment for yourself.

So choose a set day or two whether it be during a weekday or a weekend, and give yourself nothing to do – absolutely nothing. If that means letting your kids stay over at their friend’s house, or even your parent’s house – so be it. You may even decide to treat yourself to a spa day.


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Get enough sleep    

Whatever you do, no matter how much of a superwoman you think you are – you cannot run on nothing. You need to get enough sleep in order to recharge your batteries and take on the new day. You can ensure this by getting the best mattress to support you and all of your needs. Take a look at enough sleep to pick out your ideal form of comfort.

Then it’s making sure everyone else understands how important your sleep is. Tell your little ones that they can only come into your bedroom and wake up once the hand of the clock is past 9am, or whenever you decide – within reason!


Prepare for the finances

When you think ‘summer self care’, your finances don’t usually come to mind immediately. But finances, and having peace of mind are a big part of self care.

Your bank account is going to have a lot of visits during the summer for several reasons. You’ll be engaging in a lot more things than you usually would. Think: days out packed full of activities, refreshments, and of course ice-creams.

This will all begin to takes its toll on your purse, so a good idea is to start a summer budget now. If you had already planned on going away, then you will most likely have paid for everything already, but still do this. This is merely a holiday budget that you accumulate to pay for the costs of all those little things that gradually build up every day.


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Now you know how to make sure you don’t fall off the edge, enjoy your wonderful summer!


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