healthier as a couple

5 Fantastic Tips to Get Healthier as a Couple

5 Fantastic ways to include your significant other so that you can get healthier as a couple. Guest post by Mianna Korben.   Do you tell yourself you’ll start working out on Monday? Or that you’ll have just one more bag of chips before you start eating healthy?...

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how busy moms stay fit

How Busy Moms Find Time To Stay Fighting Fit

How busy moms stay fit with these 4 strategies. Guest post by Jennifer Kitson. Around eight in 10 adults say that women face significant pressure to be an involved parent, which is interesting considering that in this day and age, women make up nearly half the U.S. workforce....

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10 epic reasons to start hiit workouts today

10 Epic Reasons to Start HIIT Workouts Today

10 Reasons Why HIIT Workouts are the Absolute Fitness Answer for Busy Moms That Don't Have Time to Work Out.   As busy moms like us tend to have more and more responsibility loaded onto our shoulders, fitness tends to get moved to the back burner. I...

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