3 Terrible Habits to Break in the New Year

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How to break those terrible habits in the new year.

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Looking to make 2019 your best year yet? Ready to turn over a new leaf and break your bad habits? Here are a few things you need to stop doing going forward to improve your life and stop making the same mistakes.


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Stop buying what you don’t need


We’re all creatures of excess. We live in a world where success is often measured on material items, and owning lots of things can give us a false sense of security. The truth of the matter is, buying things you don’t need is pointless. You work hard to earn your money, it’s so much better to spend it on things that are worthwhile.

The cash you waste on clothes that get worn once, on the technology you upgrade to each year (when the last model was fine), the food you buy that gets thrown in the bin each week. It’s all a huge waste.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t purchase the odd luxury if you really want it, but think carefully about what you spend your money on. You could use this to save for a mortgage deposit, a reliable new car or a holiday that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Declutter your home, throwing away what you no longer need. And stop filling it back up with items unless you genuinely want and need them.


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Stop crash dieting


Yo-yo dieting is bad news. You starve yourself, feel deprived and binge- often gaining back all the weight and then some. Worst of all, these crash diets you put yourself on aren’t good for you at all, chances are you’re lacking in all kinds of nutrients.

Focus on health, if you want to lose weight then choose a plan that actually works and provides your body with everything it needs. Check KetoLogic’s guide to boost your keto diet results for example, this principle works on the fact that when you reduce carbohydrates, your body uses its own fat as fuel. You’ll lose weight steadily and won’t feel hungry, meaning you can actually maintain it!


Stop saying no to social events


As we get older and have more responsibilities, we quickly learn that life isn’t the everlasting party that it was in our teens. We have full-time jobs, a home to run, kids to look after- socializing often takes a back seat. However, it’s important that you don’t stop socializing altogether.

Friends and family are so important, and maintaining good connections with them requires spending time with them. Arrange a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly activity you can do with the people you care about. You could host a dinner at your place, you could meet in a bar or restaurant or take part in an activity you all enjoy. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, even a quick coffee every now and again allows you to catch up and prevents distance forming between you.


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Are you guilty of any of these things? What habits are you hoping to break in the coming year?

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3 terrible habits that could be making your life miserable. Here's what you should eliminate. #habits