6 Insanely Helpful Sites for Tips to Travel With Kids on a Budget

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6 Insanely Helpful Sites to Help You Travel With Kids Any Time of the Year on a Budget.


Whether you’re traveling for summer, fall, winter, or spring holidays, one thing is certain–travel with kids is no easy feat! An even harder feat? To travel with kids on a budget. I personally am still working on mastering this skill (nothing says ‘money spewing’ like screaming kids and zero patience left.) But these fantastic sites have made it easy, which is why I steal all their tips and try to use them whenever possible!

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6 insanely helpful sites for tips to travel with kids on a budget


1.Travel With Kids


I realize that if you’re in the US this site may seem a bit overwhelming. After all, this family travels the world. However, they do have a section just for US travel if you’re staying in the States, and this page has general tips for traveling on a budget with kids.


2.Nomadic Matt


This link to this site is a guest post on traveling with kids on a budget. I love how he says that everyone told them to travel before kids because then you wouldn’t be able to. Two problems with that: 1-many ‘just married’ couples don’t have the funds for crazy travel like that, and 2-those people were totally wrong!! Yes, we’ve had our challenges traveling with kids, but it’s nothing that isn’t resolved pretty darn easily. Your patience will be tested, but just remember these little people are in a new environment they aren’t used to. They’re super adaptable, they just need a little extra attention sometimes. 🙂

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3.Rough Guides


This site’s page gives some really practical advice on several travel points. Which is what most parents new to traveling with kids need. They also have a page for traveling with kids in the airport, which is good advice as well–HOWEVER, I wanted to add something to their guide: They talk about giving up the stroller (buggy) at the ticket counter to go with the baggage, but I don’t totally agree with that.

Take it from someone who’s traveled many times on a plane with infants (that would be me.) Strollers (for the most part) will fold and can either go through the x-ray machine, or TSA will figure it out! I would’ve been up a creek if I had been without a stroller all those times. The stroller keeps me from having to contain a toddler, carry a toddler, and/or carry a heavy and squirmy baby. Plus it kept the diaper bag underneath so I didn’t have to lug it around, too (you know those things weigh like 800 lbs after you fill them for a trip, right??!)

If you’re still not crazy about carrying the big stroller with you, consider a small umbrella stroller. What the airline will do is have you fold it and place it by the door literally right beside the plane’s door when you board. They stow it under the plane and then take those suckers out first then when the plane lands. My word of advice is to get REALLY GOOD at folding and unfolding it one-handed. (If you have more than one kid you’re already proficient in this, I’m sure.)

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4.Live Family Travel


Although the link above goes to their article on Today.com, the Live Family Travel site is where the post originated. But the article itself (besides the larger budget than we normally spend on vacation) has great advice. If you look at the actual breakdown of expenses, they explain how they spent way less money on each thing and how you can do the same.


5.Reader’s Digest


So honestly, I had no idea that the Reader’s Digest site had all these great articles! This one (apart from the nerve-grinding slide show that requires 8000 pictures to load before you can click to the next slide) has some different bits of advice than I’ve heard before, but are really great! I’ve never even considered some of them but they sure made me think a bit differently about the next time I travel with kids!


6.Have Baby, Will Travel


I saved this one for last, because it’s awesome! This Mama has every bit for travel with kids covered! I didn’t see a lot about budgeting, but she has soooo many tips for things to pack and the best gear to take. She even has check-lists for packing!


I have to say, for all these tips, the ones that have saved us the most money are probably regarding eating out. If our whole crew goes, it’s basically 4 adult meals and 2 kid meals at every meal. (We have a 17-year old and a 9-year old that eats like an adult.) Not to mention all the snacks and drinks throughout the day. I REALLY appreciate the ‘bottle-fill’ water fountains that are popping up everywhere!

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As far as accommodations, we’ve always had really good luck with AirBNB and VRBO.com if we want to stay in a house/apartment/condo with a kitchen, which is usually a must for us for extended stays because we have a kid with food allergies. If I know specific locations and ‘code phrases’ that are used to search for specific hotels on Groupon and Hotwire I’ll book through them as well for discounted rates.


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How about your travels? What budget-friendly tips do you have to travel with kids? Let me know in the comments, and if you know someone who would find this guide useful, please SHARE!


However you want to travel with kids, whether in a car on a road trip, or in a plane for international vacation, here are some of the best sites for tips and hacks for activities, snacks, and more when traveling with kids on a budget! #travel #kids #budget #hacks