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So I have basically taken two entire months away from blogging to regroup and get some serious shiznit done around my house. (And shiznit I mean the mounting piles of projects we’ve been dragging our butts on for the last six months…) Anyway, it’s such a big deal to make resolutions at the first of the year, but to be honest, I’m not very inspired by the New Year. I don’t know about you, but I get inspired at the start of spring, a few months LATER. Because that’s when the cold breaks, and everything in nature starts anew, right? So…since here in good ole non-cold Houston, the weather has decided to be warm through winter, and my spring has started a little early. Which, in terms of blog planning, is a good thing because I like my posts to be planned out and written ahead of time. So, like any sort-of goal-oriented person with ADD, I decided to make lots of lists of things that needed to get done.

One of those lists was to reorganize the blog and website. I realized there’s not much focus on it except my ramblings and book reviews. I really love to help when I can, and am sort of obsessed with other people’s ideas in solving problems. Which brought me to the realization that I need to hone in on those types of tools as well.  And working on my laptop ONLY doesn’t help me use my time spent waiting around in the doctor’s office for allergy shots every week, or the hour sitting around in the gymnastics parents’ section where I generally can’t even see my kid. It’s time pockets wasted that I could be editing, or capturing new ideas, or revising goal lists….you get the idea. But by keeping my novel chapters in OneNote, they’re accessible anywhere that has internet access or a phone signal. Also, OneNote (which is similar to Evernote) is awesome for making lists!

In the midst of trying to make list after list, which often got lost on piles of paperwork on my desk, I realized I had to absolutely REFOCUS. There were so many things working against me, and if I wanted to free my tirelessly tangled mind and actually get anything done, I had to do things way differently. Hence the list of things to REFOCUS your RESOLUTIONS. And yes, they were initially intended to refer to my writing goals, but since we also have a business dealing with something totally different that is always in a state of disarray, I realized I could totally apply every point to that as well. So use this list as you will, and please share it with anyone that could use a serious kick in the ass on their resolutions that they’ve likely already given up on!

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1.Make a list of goals and mini goals:


This sounds super condescending, but believe it or not–people don’t try to work out HOW to reach their goals (which are the same thing as resolutions.) So the idea here is to make your list of goals, but for each one, break down steps needed (mini-goals) to achieve that goal. Just making the lists and keeping them in your mind won’t make it happen automatically (obvs)–you’re gonna need some tools to help you with this. You’ll also need to revisit every so often (once a week…once a month, etc) to see how you’re doing and if you need to refocus. Seriously, the goal workbook I offer for free is super helpful in detailing out all the nitty gritty to get it done!


2. Make sure it’s realistic:


The number one reason people don’t stick to their resolutions? Yep–they’re UNREALISTIC. This is the part where you really need to sit down and think like a MENSA member on why your resolutions haven’t been going so well so far. List out the reasons you’ve failed or lagged at this point in the year (you’ve had two whole months, yo!) Figure out what’s holding you back, and realistically realign your goals with a timeline. That list of goals and mini-goals you just did? Yeah, that thing will be pretty helpful here.


3. Eliminate distractions:


Dude. This part is soooooooooo hard for me. I’ve got three kids, a dog, and a husband that interrupt me every fifteen seconds. It’s already taken me like an hour and a half to write this much of the post. My mistake? I got inspired first thing Saturday morning before I got out of bed. Which means that the TIME I’m trying to write will be riddled with kids screaming (either playing or trying to kill each other), the husband asking incessant questions about food, plans for the day, and if the stupid internet is working ok today, and the dog needing to do her ritual ferret-like weirdness and slither in and out of my legs to get attention. Or be fed. Plus the always annoying sound of either Disney channel or Nick being on. ALWAYS. (You’d think I’d hide the remote at some point, huh?) The point of all that is to demonstrate that these distractions could be avoided by proper TIME MANAGEMENT.

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Sure, inspiration will always hit you at the most inopportune time ever. Always. But the best way to deal with it is to have a system to collect those mind-melting thoughts, and then revisit them at a time when you’re not distracted. For me, that’s when the big kids are at school, and the little one is properly entertained. And also, the husband is working and the dog is fed and preferably in her kennel. Can you already see where my summer plans for blogging will inevitably go awry?

Moving along…figure out what your distractions are, and if they can be either eliminated or worked around. And then schedule that in. On your calendar. Your actual calendar.


4. Try a new way:


Not getting results from your current method? Try a new way. Maybe your goals being broken down in mini-goals could use some new or different tools to get results. Maybe you need to start listening to someone different. Maybe you need to totally reorganize your day to be more efficient. Make a list of things that have not been working for you, and do some research on what you can do differently. I promise you that almost any problem you have either has an expert that can help you resolve it (that can easily be found with a Google search), or an app to assist your specific needs (which can also usually be found with a Google search–or a search on your app store.)


 5. Make yourself accountable to someone:


I don’t know about you, but if I think I’m in trouble (or disappointing someone), I get super anxious. I also immediately start inventing an excuse for myself. The idea of making yourself accountable is that you don’t get to make an excuse. You either pass or fail. (Well, unless something serious happens like an injury or a death in the family…I’m not a monster, people.) Or make it a competition–I don’t know about you, but I like to WIN. I know a lot of people aren’t competitive, but even if you’re not, pairing up with someone else can give you extra motivation from the other person–whether praise for your goal wins, encouragement for your shortcomings and frustrations, or advice for changing things up. I have learned NUMEROUS times that sometimes somebody looking in from the outside can see waaay more clearly than you can when you’re IN the situation. I’ve honestly always thought the ideas of a life coach and a home organizer were the dumbest thing ever. Until I became a real-life grown-up with a mortgage, husband, and kids (and don’t forget the dog), and couldn’t figure out why my life was such chaos ALL. THE. TIME. Now I can totally see the appeal of it! Somebody on the outside can CLEARLY see why you’re a trainwreck and has the organizational tools to fix it. Take advantage of the outside vantage point from a friend, family member, or colleague. And ALWAYS reciprocate!! Nobody likes working for free.

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