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Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” (And who in the world doesn’t want to listen to Walt Disney??) So you’ve quit talking and have decided to start doing. But where do you start… to start? Well, if you want to create an effective road-map to your goals, you should definitely start with SMART goals.


My ‘start’ with goals


Back before my first pregnancy, we had moved to New Mexico for the hubby’s job, and I was basically starting all over in my job search. We had been trying to get pregnant, and that had sort of sapped all my emotional energy and motivation. (That’s a whole other post, as we had a long road of fertility issues, if anyone’s interested…) Anyway, I went through several different random jobs before moving, while we puttered along on our horrible finances.

Once we got to Albuquerque, I finally settled into my longest job (except the stay at home mom gig), and got another really big dose of structure and goal setting. In insurance, you have a daily checklist of ‘to do’ items called your ‘diary’. This is how your manager keeps up with what you’ve gotten done on each claim.

That was my first time dealing with corporate goals, and I’ll tell ya—there was no actual structure to the goals (that I could see.) But when I decided to stay home with the kids, I realized how important all that structure was—including the goals, even if I couldn’t see the process in setting or attaining those goals. I mean, when you don’t have a reason to even get out of your jammies all day since they’ll probably be covered in food and spit up within the hour, you start to lose motivation and focus. (Pretty sure 100% of stay at home moms agree with me on this one.)

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I started researching goals a few years later (after I was convinced I would go nowhere forever, career-wise) and found SMART goals. And let me tell ya—they’re not the end-all, be-all to goal setting, but they’re still a pretty friggin awesome way to work out your goals, order them, and make a plan to tackle them!


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What SMART goals are


SMART is (obviously) an acronym. But it actually has had different meanings for each letter. This usually just depends on what company is using the method for goal setting. As I’ve skimmed through every source imaginable looking for the true definitions of each letter, I realized it doesn’t matter… What does matter is how you use it.

What I mean by that is that a corporation may use the ‘A’ in SMART goals to mean ‘agreeable’. As in–everyone that matters agrees on the goal. But that won’t matter if you’re setting personal goals. In which case, the ‘A’ is much more effective with the definition of ‘achievable’. So even though you may hear a different definition of each letter at some point or another, I’ve done my best to use the most applicable definitions of the letters for personal goal setting.


Follow the series


This series starts here with ‘S’ in SMART goals, and ends with ‘T’, each letter being allotted a weekly post. I truly hope that you find the SMART Goals series helpful, and will download the FREE workbook for SMART goal setting (by clicking the image below) to follow along in. It will join you in the Stella Nadene weekly Wellness + Lifestyle Newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t feel we’re a good fit.

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So here we goooo!!


How to create smart goals for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook


“S” Specific: Goals need to be specific.


Ok, just stating, “I want to lose weight” is actually more of the whiny statement I expect from my bestie than a specific goal. And seriously won’t get you very far. You need a good clear definition. “I want to lose ten pounds.” That’s better, but how long do you have? “I want to lose ten pounds by the summer.”

Ok, so what DATE is defined as the summer? The beginning of summer? Middle? Official first day? Give it a date, a deadline…create pressure for yourself. “I want to lose ten pounds by May 31.”  That’s better.

The more specific you can get, the better your definition will be to achieve the next steps in your goal-setting expedition. 


So go ahead and write down your goals (as specifically as possible!) in your workbook. If you’d like to know why listing your goals is crazy important, check out THIS post. Making your goals specific is just the starting point in your SMART goal setting. It’s the foundation to making a clear path. And making effective mini goals to get you to the end point, ie. achieving your goal!


So to RECAP, your goals need the following elements:

1-an end (what you call your goal),

2-a defined amount,

3-a deadline.

Once you’ve specified your goal, it’s time to move on to step 2: ‘M’: measurable. 

Can’t wait for next week! In the meantime, think over your goals and really make sure these goals are essential to your overall life plan. Make sure they’re YOUR goals. And that accomplishing these goals is what will truly make YOU happy!

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How to create smart goals for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook


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Setting goals in life, whether for adults, kids, or students, should be structured so you can see how your ideas have become reality through hard work! Check out this worksheet to make a planner for motivation and inspiration and crush them using SMART goals! #goals #goalgetters #finance #money #fitness #fitnesstips #weightloss #debt