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The Serpent Chronicles is just one of two prequels to The Order of Emends series. It delves into the backgrounds of the characters from The Order of Emends, allowing readers to understand where each character’s bullying tendencies began.

(Fiction in the works):

Layla Marins is a fifteen year old girl who uses her uncanny photographic memory to recall times and events of kids she spies on at school. Except that her name isn’t really Layla Marins–it’s Lyla Grace Matthews–and to everyone around her at home and school she’s a regular ninth grader that loves to paint and watch movies with her best friend. Oh yeah–and she also happens to be the girl that got the crap beat out of her in front of the entire junior high school by Emily Hendricks–a ninth grade bully.

After the humiliating beating, Lyla is recruited to join a covert organization called the Order of Emends whose ultimate goal is to eliminate bullying altogether. This underground enterprise sounds exhilarating and awesome to Lyla–except that it means constantly¬†ditching and lying to her best friend. The up-side is that she meets kindred spirits in the Order that have all been through bullying incidents, including a charmingly adorable guy who happens to be her Team Leader. Eventually, she loses her best friend and endures one heartbreaking challenge after the other trying to juggle everything in her new life–all in the name of helping to banish bullying. In the end, Lyla has to decide if all her efforts and contributions are worth losing herself, her best friend of eight years, and her previously uncomplicated life.