Life Design Challenge


The YEAR ONE Challenge is a 12-month FREE challenge to accelerate your goals one month and one life category at a time. 

Each month we explore our past, how it's affected our present, and how to drop the baggage and fears to create a future in that life category that is everything we ever wanted! 

Here's what each month includes:

  • A PLANNER PAGE to explore your history in that category
  • A GOAL SETTING PAGE to map out how you'd like that category to improve over the next year
  • RECOMMENDATIONS for accelerating that life category
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE in each life category

Why is this challenge free?

I'm offering this challenge free for this year ONLY.

Think of this as a 12-month beta period where YOU benefit!

By this time next year, the YEAR ONE Challenge

will be a paid membership.

So jump in for free while you can!

How to join:

STEP 1: Sign up below to get started! 🎉

In your inbox you'll get a starter pack; then you'll get emails through the month pertaining to that life category.

STEP 2: Join the Facebook group, where everything will be housed! 👯‍♀️ 

You'll find support, intriguing conversation, any bonus materials for that life category, expert interviews and guidance, accountability, and any extra freebies we can throw at ya! 😍

Join here: 👉 

And sign up below: 👇

If you've ever wanted to design a life you freakin' ADORE 💖 living,

this FREE challenge is for you!!

Can't wait to see ya in there!!


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